Fire Alarm Systems

C&M, provides the most advanced and secure technology and if desired by integrating this technology to the any other proper solution such as electronic sensation and otomation for the fire security of the houses and offices. C&M designs different projects appropriate for all types of needs and solutions according to desires of the clients and the risk analysis identified by C&M’s engineers and applies the configuration of the optimum devices prepared by C&M with key-delivery solutions.

Fire alarm systems are provided in order to include the functions such as perceiving any situation results in fire in residential and working areas and common places via detectors at the living,working and shopping places such as all industrial buildings, factories, production facilities, stores, condominium,residence, mall and especially according to Turkey Fire Defense Regulation’s decision numbered 2002/4390 and dated 12.06.2002 to the buildings stated below:

  • All building having high risk
  • Having middle risk and the buildings whose total service area is not more than 1000m2
  • All high buildings that are not used for accomodation
  • The apartments whose height is more than 51.50 m
  • Hotels, motels, dormitories, guesthouses,hospitals, resthome, pansions.

Fire alarm systems prevent the fire by perceiving the risk with various sensors. Moreover these systems let the electricity, elevators, fire exits,turnstiles, garage entrance barriers and other hidrolic road security barriers free automatically for leading people to escape; so all the risk is eliminated.



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