Our Vision & Mission


Our Visions are presenting the most advanced technology and the most functional products to the target clients in the sector of security and communication, evaluating all proects about electronic security and communication as a long lasted enterprise and being the pioneer company in the focused projects.


Our Missions are providing the most advanced technology in the mentioned areas to the target clients with most reasonable price, doing some works for making people be more aware of the importance of security concept and contributing to creating conciousness for security based on information and technology. C&M Security aims the doctrines below for achieving its mission :

. Presenting the most advanced technology being used by the international sektor and the best products of the sector about electronic security and communication to its target clients.

. Providing the pleasure of the clients after sale and taking technic service for 365 days, 24 hours.

. Increasing the amount of the target clients, being the first company in the sector and reinforcing its place among the front security corporations

. Becoming expert in its field, increasing the quality and giving permenant information about security to the target clients.

Our 15-year-old security experience shows that ;

Establishing security systems needs a serious background and experience.

While preferring a system, tending to the brand and system that you trust - to the companies that can give the product support easily carries you and your company to the future.






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