Turnstile Systems

C&M, designs the systems that are composed of a lot of products but gathered under the general name of Turnstile systems, which is an indispensible part of transition control systems one of the electronical security systems, according to the desires of the clients and the risk analysis identified by C&M’s engineers as suitable for more than one aim; and applies the configuration of the optimum devices that C&M has prepared with key-delivery solutions.

Turnstile systems’ product categorization is made as below for providing different entrance-exit disciplines at various entrance control solutions:

Blocking Control Barriers: Various physical barriers, turnstiles, doors that work manually or with motors and modular handrails, which are used for leading the customers in facilities, are known as course control barriers. Doors opening with motors are opened with photo cell automatically or as controlled and after some time defined before are closed automatically. Additionally there is a different model of this device that is used double-sided manually. This opening door put near turnstiles has free or locked versions and is used at burden, handicapped and VIP transitions.

Tripod Turnstiles: Tripod Turnstiles are transition control systems that provide easy Access, low security profile, easy montage and low operation and maintenance price. Turnstile mechanism is controlled electromecanically and carded transition system can be integrated to the turnstiles. Turnstiles’ sticks can be folded FAIL-SAFE and when fire warning is activated in case of fire or when carded transition system passes FAIL-SAFE position. Building entrance-exit statistical information can be obtained with electromecanic or liquid crystal pointer transition register.

Some models of turnstiles are equipped with infrared barrier detecters or sensitive covers and deliver alarming message to the transition control system in case of inappropriate transitions by passing under or above the turnstile stick or stepping on the turnstile.

Offices, reception places, workplaces underground stations and sport and resting centers are the places that use tripod turnstiles.

Transitions with motors: Transition with motors give no chance to two people with same access signal to enter; and hinder entrance without permission with the system that defines the people’s attitudes in the transition system for providing high security and high flowing capacity where the system is used. Transition with motors are one or double sided turnstile systems that work with the ways hands free or card readers. Transition with motors also provide regular traffic flow thanks to its high and straight transition capacity in case of dense people transition.

Banks, workplaces, factories, public transportation stations are the places that use transition with motors.

Full-size Turnstiles:  Full-size turnstiles can be used easily at all types of entrances without gatekeeper in facilities and it also give permission only one person at a time. There are coloured or stainless steel models of full-size turnstiles that are suitable for one or double sided, mechanical or electrical and external or internal usage. They can be used with or without carded transition systems.

Stadiums, sports and resting centers, airports and workplace garages are the places that use full-size turnstiles.

Full-size Cabinets With High Security: Full-size cabinets with high security are cabinets designed to be used at the departments requiring high security in institutions. Its tube transition is produced specially and allow only a defined person before.

These cabinets are produced with bullet-proof glasses or stainless steel and powered aliminium composit. These cabinets also have two sliding doors.

After entering the tube, the person make the carded transition system read his card; and then armer control is done with metal door detecter in the tube; after this operation the person’s identification is scanned with biometric sensors or digital cameras and at the same time the person’s weight is measured with the pressured flor ; and according to the preference entrance information of the person is controlled with the other security or transition control systems; and after the confirmation is finished the door in the front is opened and the person can enter the building according to the desires of the clients and the security level of the place.

At the entrance-exit of the places requiring maximum security such as Info-operation centers, valuable archives and cashbox departments of the banks, press and storage centers of the credit cards, AR-GE departments, controlling rooms of energy production constitutions, military institutions and archives and airport flying control centers are the places using full-size cabinets with high security.

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