Closed Circuit CC TV Systems

C&M, designs closed circuit CC TV systems and the integration of this system which is becoming an indispensible part of electronic security and otomation system, especially for the last 10 years, the different designs and projects which are appropriate for necessities and solutions desired by the clients and applies the configuration of the optimum devices which C&M has prepared with key-delivery solutions.

Closed circuit TV systems which are set up for security are used for both generally following the entries and exits to the building and common disposal areas and recording for controlling and checking the circulation. Today’s technological improvements provide the opportunity that following and recording the images that are either close or distant to this system.

Closed circuit TV systems , besides its usage for security, is started to be used for checking the different functions such as sale control of personnel performance and job improvement. Closed circuit TV systems can not only record the different places from one point but also follow the images with some performance. Developed technology has eliminated the only duty of this system that is following and has converted the system into a communication device. Far offices are being brought near you by transferring the opportunity of conference that developed communication technology has presented and images; and sounds of different points simultenously.




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