Burglary Alarm Systems

C&M, for the security of houses and offices, establishes the most advanced and the most reliable corded or wireless technology and if desired C&M does this work by integrating it to any other suitable electronic sensation and otomation systems.C&M designs different projects according to the desires of the clients, the risk analysis identified by C&M’s engineers; and applies the configuration of the optimum device that C&M has prepared with key-delivery solutions.

Burglary alarm systems established with the aim of full security are designed according to the alternatives that either the house is detached or flat ; and the physical features of the place and the life style of the residents as simple and complex.

Burglary alarm systems can be projected with more than one system solution for providing life and property security in the places that are to protected.for instance ; the security solution in a detached house surrounded by garden walls and fences is projected by using environment security system. If the house is a flat the solution can be reached by setting up appropriate security sensor.

Burglary alarm systems,especially for the last five years, besides its duty that life and property security gather some other integrations for providing comfort such as remote and mobile phone control,house otomation by using wise ;ventilation, heating, cooling, electrical control, pool alarm, sensation of torrent.

Our company in the view of burglary alarm system uses a great deal of products appropriate for solutions. According to the needs and budget of the clients, the system is designed different brands from simple and economical compact set of solutions to pojects solutions that are convenient to other system integrations.

Our company presents key-delivery solutions from designing step to train of the clients in burglary alarm systems by using advanced technological products of Texecom Security that is our solution partner.our company provides BOSCH SECURITY, INFNITY and DSC brands besides TEXECOM in order to fullfil our clients’ needs and create proper solution.

Our company’s sale engineers are waiting your invitation for free discovery to create the most appropriate Burglary Alarm System solutions for your house, office, or building.


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