Digital Recorders

C&M, uses the digital recording and image transforming devices, which has been becoming an indispensible part of closed circuit TV systems especially for the last five years , to choose the appropriate device which is suitable for the clients’ desires for different designs and projects and all types of necessities and solutions according to the risk analysis identified by C&M’s engineers ; and to get key-delivery solutions in the view of the integration of this system.

Closed circuit CC TV systems were using the analog recorders for keeping the images which are in the sight of the cameras and following devices by recording them. However since 2000, thanks to the results of the researches and developing actions that are experienced especially in the field of computer Technologies such as converting the analog broadcasting to the digital ones and receiving and delivering the signals of video, data, audio on the same tape by developed pressing technology. Therefore analog recorders have assigned their job to digital recorders.

Our company provides and establishes the digital recorders which are used for closed circuit TV systems and different products according to the suitability of the system’s features, the conditions of customers’ using the system, the environmental conditions in which the customers work and the budget of the system.




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