Metal Doors & Hand Detectors,
X-Ray Control Systems, Explosive Defining Systems

C&M, designs metal door detecters, x-ray control systems and explosive narcotic defining and arresting systems used for providing nationally and internationally identified security standard to the places to be protected according to the desires of the clients the risk analysis identified by C&M’s engineers ; and applies the configuration of the optimum devices that C&M has prepared with key-delivery solutions.

Metal door detecters : Nowadays, metal door detecters, which are used for providing the security Standard necessary for the building and hindering the people circulation at the entrances of the buildings, scan the buildings in a way that 50-60 people can enter the building simultenously with the devices having the Technologies such as 20 different usage programme, sensitivity features with 200 stage, scanning 33 different pointing area and girdled horizontal and vertical fixating.

These devices can define all types of metals accurately by the help of their special programmes with special-designed circuits that are against to the ‘masking effect’ attack which prevents the perception of the two or more opposite featured metals by eliminating eachother’s signal. Moreover these devices records high transitions in the alarm level to digital recorders through a camera.

X-ray Control Devices : X-ray control devices,which are used for providing building security and defining guns or explosive objects when inserted to the buildings in packets,bags or baggages, can extend begining from 82cm * 65cm to 80cm * 100cm according to the capacity of the density of baggage entrance. X-ray control devices can show all objects passed from the tunnel thanks to its two dimensional detecter system. X-ray control devices can also reach any even 29mm steel.

The most important characteristic of x-ray control devices is differentiating four-coloured organic/inorganic distinction with orgaic and inorganic double-monitored and coloured image decomposition feature in order to state explosive substances organic-based.

These detecters inform vocally and also record transitions having high alarm level by means of a camera.

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