Environment Security Systems

C&M, designs integrated environment protection systems by integrating environment security systems the outer link of the electronical secyrity systems to other electronical security systems that protects the outer part of the places to escort for recording the risk,leading the people to the point passed without permission automatically and filing the records to examine the suspicious situations; according to the desires of the clients and the risk analysis identified by the C&M’s engineers ; and applies these systems with key-delivery solutions.

Environment security systems while being designed; are used with the most appropriate solutions below according to the physical, topographic and structural features of the place to protect :

  • Double or four beamed border linear protection with external type active infrared barrier detecters
  • Open-area protection with external type passive IR detectors
  • Open & wide area protection with microwave detecter barrier
  • Above-fence sensation systems with intrepid micropoint cable
  • Volumetric sensation systems with intrepid micropoint cable
  • Above-fence sensation systems with microphonic cable
  • Above-fence sensation systems with fiberoptic cable
  • Area protection systems with electromagnetic cable
  • Area protection systems with electrostatic sensor

Our company integrates one or more than one of the solutions mentioned above to the environment security systems in order to protect private property borders, perceive the burglary potential immediately, reach the potential risk to the controlling point, record the risk by integrating the system to closed circuit TV sytems, lead the cameras automatically to the point where the border is passed without permission and analyse the suspicious and criminal situations.

Our company’s sale engineers are waiting your invitation for free discovery to create the most appropriate environment security system solutions for your Project and bugdet.


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