Biometric Reader Systems

C&M uses the solutions used for the biometric systems and the integration of this system according to the desires of the clients and the risk analysis suggested by our company nad applies the configuration of the optimum devices which C&M has prepared in key-delivery pojects.

The biometric devices used integratedly or independently with transition control systems are solutions which are developed for identifying and confirming the identifications by recognizing the people’s features that are measurable physically and behaviourally.

The physical biometric solutions that are obtained by measuring a part in people’s body are below :

Fingerprint , face, iris, retina, hand print and vessel recognition and hand geometry.

The behaviourally biometric solutions which are obtained by measuring the behaviour of the people are below : Sound and signature recognition

Biometric solutions convert the special biometric characteristics of the person to a code which is unique to that person. This code is recorded electronically, so in identifying a person, the person himself and the records are compared then the result is obtained. Biometric systems intend providing the people’s controlled transition so authorized and unauthorized people are differentiated.

In contrast to the transition systems which are used carded or coded commonly, in biometric systems copying or imitating the individual’s features are almost impossible. Moreover this feature can’t be transferred,forgotten and lost because individual’s physical and behavioural features are used. So the risks of being lost,forgotten and stolen of the cards or codes that are used is eliminated and there occurs the highest security inn transition control systems.


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