Parking Lot & Security Systems

C&M, provides the integration of parking lot barriers, electromechanic or hidrolic way clippers, hidrolic mushroom barriers and electromechanic or hidrolic wolftrap, which provides the integration of transition control systems to parking lot&security systems, to all types of transition control systems and automation. C&M designs parking lot&security systems according to the desires of the clients and the risk analysis identified by C&M’s engineers; and applies the system according to the configuration of the optimum devices that C&M has prepared wwith key-delivery solutions.

Parking lot and security barriers provided and established by our company are categorized as below according to the features of the place for the aim of providing vehicle entrance-exit discipline.

Parking Lot Barriers: Parking lot barriers are barrier solutions used for special parking lot entrances. These barriers’ arm length can be maximum between 3,5 – 4 metres and its opening time changes from 0-20 seconds to 1,4 seconds. These barriers are also used economically and can be integrated to transition control systems.

Fast Parking Lot Barriers:  These barriers are the barrier solution systems used for special parking lot entrances consider the functions such as arm’s length can be opened as one part or foldingly according to the place to be used, its opening time can be 3-5 seconds; having remote control, token control system, photo cells, loop detecters, opto sensor system and/or traffic light controlled.

Road blocker: These systems have the standards of the other road blockers and SB970CR DoB/ British with Minimum Standards having the capacity of 11-20 tons and 7500 kg – 80 kph collision level that is not affected by electric cuts and designed hidrolically or mechanically. These blockers are installed at the entrance-exit of the places requiring maximum security for the aim of stopping the potential attacks with bombs.

Road blocker: Their Standard breadth is 3000, 3500 and 4000mm ; they are formed by boiled steel tablets whose thickness is 5-7 mm and the front side of the barrier is covered with 2mm bended tablets. Road blocker is worked with hidrolic power generator. Road blocker has the capacity of 20 tons and it is controlled by traffic lights. There is a need to build a pool for the road blocker’s closing exactly. Device has a strong steel profile being static to a concrete and strenghtened with the same stage to surface.

Electromechanical road blocker : Their Standard breadth is 3000, 3500 and 4000mm ; they are formed by boiled steel tablets with telescopic frames whose thickness is 1,5 mm. Road blocker rises to the upper position above the crank shafted pillow blocks and locks itself mechanically. Road blocker has the capacity of 11 tons and it is controlled by traffic lights. There is no need to build a pool for the road blocker’s closing exactly.

Hidrolic Mushroom Barriers: Hidrolic mushroom barriers have the ability of rising 1000mm. Their opening time changes from 4 to 5 seconds. They need minimum 600mm*600mm pool because they are hidrolic based and they can be integrated all types of transition control systems and can work stand alone having DoS standards. They also have K12-L3 security stage and they are sensitive to minimum 7500kg – 80 kph collision level.



Automatic Wolftrap : When activated automotic wolftraps can rise 35cm from the surface and at the same time the traps’ knives that have position with 45 degree inclination are produced from ST37 steel substance. Because of this strucure the traps give great harm to the vehicle from front to back. They work manually in case of electricity cuts; they are suitable for entrance control systems and automation. Their maximum length is 3 metres.

  Our company’s sale engineers are waiting your invitation for free discovery to create the most appropriate solutions suitable for your project and budget about the systems above.


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